delivery and scope of service

Project planning

  •      Bulk material handling and storage
  •      Reconstruction and expansion of existing plants
  •      Replacement of existing installations
  •      Preparation of expert opinions for conveyor systems and drying plants


  •      Equipment for the conveyance and processing of agricultural goods and food
  •      also for industrial products
  •      Steel construction
  •      Laboratory technology

spare Parts

  •      Spare parts and spare parts for machines and plants, such as:
  •      TKF chains and troughs
  •      Belts, Elevator wheels
  •      wear rails
  •      auger trees and troughs
  •      Pressing parts
  •      Customized products
  •      etc.


  •      Assembly and repair of complete systems
  •      Assembly and repair of individual machines
  •      dismantling
  •      Construction of complete plants and process lines
  •      Carry out planned and scheduled maintenance